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To simplify your life, The Art of Breastfeeding carries many hard-to-find products designed to make breastfeeding easier.

Not all the products we carry are on our site. If you’re looking for something and you don’t see it here, call us at 1-773-420-7534.

Breastpump Extras

Ameda Egnell Flexishield
Made of soft, flexible silicone, it is designed to fit in the breast shield of most breastpumps to give a soft, massage-like feel to better stimulate a milk let-down and provide a more comfortable fit. (item AP-007) $11.50

Medela Vehicle Lighter Adapter
Enables you to power the Medela Lactina Select and Medela Pump In Style electric breastpumps from a vehicle lighter. (item MP-022) $18.60

Milk Collection, Cooling and Storage Products

Medela Collect, Store, Freeze (CSF) Bags
Sterile 5 oz. bags are individually sealed and include a tear spout at bottom for easy pouring. Name/date section lays flat for writing even when bag is full. Separate twist ties for sealing included.

package of 20 bags (item MP-005) $9.50

package of 50 bags (item MP-007) $19.00

Comfort Aids

Soothies™ Glycerin Gel Pads
Set of two reusable gel pads can be worn in the bra between feedings to provide immediate cooling, soothing relief from painful nipples, enhancing healing while they protect from friction. Each package lasts about two to three days.
(item P-029) $11.95

Medela Nursing Stool
Can help you improve your nursing position and comfort by elevating the lap. Loved by many mothers.
White (item MP-028) $30.00
Natural (item MP-013) $30.00

Feeders and Cups

Haberman Feeder
Specially designed for babies with cleft palates and other feeding problems. Unlike other bottle-feeding systems, puts baby in control and allows for adjusted flow. Comes with a 150 ml bottle. (item MP-019) $27.50

Medela SNS (Supplemental Nursing System)
To supplement baby at the breast. For sucking problems, relactation, or adoptive nursing. (Instructional video available on “Educational Resources” page.)
(item MP-014) $51.50